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SAY YES to an African Humanitarian Fund

The African continent has a population of little over 1 billion people with a nominal GDP of 2.5 trillion US dollars of which 400 million people are economical active and 265 million people being under nourished and with millions who are displaced due to instability in their respective states. Africa is plagued regularly with humanitarian disasters with millions of people dying during a single disaster. The 1984 Ethiopian Famine caused 1 million Africans to die of hunger. The 1994 Rwandan Genocide took the lives of closed to 1 million Africans in just over 3 months.

Africa has it in herself to take care of her own. Famines, Civil Wars, Genocides, Droughts and Instability on the African Continent cause millions to die and to be displaced. Over ten million Africans are displaced furthermore millions live in fear and are hungry. Africans have good in themselves and want to help. The AHAF provides an opportunity to all Africans to do that, and to contribute to a collective fund that will assist those Africans, who need our help.

The African humanitarian Assistance Fund provides an opportunity for all Africans from all walks of life to come together and make a difference.

Petition by,
Malvern Booysen
To prevent the loss of a single African life.


Commissioner Chairperson of the African Union

Is for Africa to have a collective plan to deal with famine, drought, and other humanitarian disasters on the continent.

An Africa; where the African child does not die of hunger. An Africa; where ALL children can enjoy their childhood as God intended them to be. Where those who are orphaned due to Aids still has a childhood and are not required to be adults before their time.

An Africa; where young people have the opportunity to further their education in an environment conducive to learning. Where the youth of Africa are se¬cured of employment and can contribute to the economy of this continent. An Africa; where young people are free to enjoy their youth and to develop into responsible adults. An Africa; where no young person is forced to kill another but to think of starting their own families.

We the people of Africa want an Africa that deals as a collective with diseases like Ebola, Aids, Cholera, Malaria etc. An Africa that intervenes in a state where the resources are scares when our peoples health is threaten. We the people of Africa need an African Health Organization that will be there to pre¬vent diseases on the African continent and to prevent the loss of a single life.

For over 50 years the African child has been the poster image of Famine. Mil¬lions of lives have been lost due to Famine. In 1984 to 1985 over 1 million lives were lost in one single famine on African soil. This should never happen again. No longer should the African child be the poster image of Famine. Africa needs an African Food Programme that will step in to prevent any humanitarian disaster from taking a single African life. The African Food Programme should be part of the African Stability Force with regional centers across Africa that will provide Food Aid to African states when needed. Gone will be the days where Africa when faced with Famine will wait on the international community to feed us but we will now be equal partners with those who would want to assist us.

Fellow Africans join us in making this dream a reality.


Africa Online Humanitarian – Goodwill Ambassador




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  • africaon

    This is important to us we need to do everything in power to prevent the loss of a single African life.


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